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As an open market portal company that began in 2008, 

11STREET is South Korea's leading e-commerce company that aims to provide the best shopping experience with the slogan
"The 11STREET trusted by customers.“


11STREET hosts ‘11STREET Shocking Special Deal' events every day to differentiate itself from other e-commerce company services.
It is a major service on 11SSTREET that sells 11 new products at special prices twice a day, every 11 o'clock.


In November, when the Black Friday event is held, 11STREET hold a special one-day sale on the 11th,
also 11STREET prepares various events such as exclusive ticket sales and serves them.


Complaints from customers in the e-Commerce market are not really well illustrated.
Rather, Loyal customers complain about the site, while most of the customers use other sites that sell the desired product. 

In a situation where there are many competing websites, 

events to gain a competitive advantage rather undermine the website's reliability and cause customer churn.
This is directly linked to business performance.


If the company does not have enough system resources and efficient service logic to handle 

all the requests from the countless number of users coming through the event,
website delays and downtime will result, causing inconvenience and complaints from customers 

who have come to it with high expectations. 

Therefore, the events and promotions that companies have prepared enthusiastically are more likely to lead to customer churn. 


NetFUNNEL is a software-based digital transaction control solution. 

A large number of access requests from your browser will be controlled by the NetFUNNEL prior to entering the system.
The NetFUNNEL only enters as many requests as the system resources are within a threshold that can be processed simultaneously.
Access requests that exceed the threshold are queued in the order of click and are automatically entered in your order.
It controls transactions in real time to help provide reliable service to systems and customers.


Of course, NetFUNNEL is not the only solution. Because each customer has different service usage patterns and different application environments, 

the effect may be different.
However, with NetFUNNEL, companies can create a reliable system environment that allows them to quickly 

and easily deliver diverse events using only the system resources and budget
they want without changing existing deployed systems. And with software-based solutions, you can operate your systems efficiently while controlling transactions according to service conditions.
Above all, STCLab's expert with service experience and know-how in a variety of environments supports the service directly.


NetFUNNEL is a proven solution that has already been applied to e-commerce sites, 

as well as a number of key public, financial, corporate, and university services.