User Acceptance Testing Service with Multiple Real Users

APPSCORE is a service that provides app/web service feedback collection and analysis for a large
number of eligible customers within a short period of time, at a reasonable cost.
APPSCORE proposes a crowd sourcing-based survey usability test and behavioral data analysis solution.

* APPSCORE is based on crowd sourcing and only selects the right customers, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

APPSOCRE: Suggest usability tests that enable collection and
analysis of more than 1,000 customer feedback within 4 weeks at a reasonable cost.

Problem of other Previous Usability Tests

Usability testing was not a significant part of the traditional SW testing process, and even after being separated into specialized
services, it is common to observe and investigate response results and response sites with Focus Group tests of 5 to 10 people.

This approach is problematic in identifying the accuracy and ensuring reliability of the answers, and requires consideration of a
long-term plan in the course of the test. Moreover, only data results can be obtained, which can lead to poor behavior and
process identification.

  • Problem of other previous usability tests

    • #. Difficulty in selecting appropriate users
    • #. Answer data accuracy / reliability not guaranteed
    • #. Need to analyze more than 30,000 responses based on
      1,000 surveys
    • #. Hard to collect/analyzed Multiple User Answers
    • #. High-cost, long-term testing required for more than
      three months
    • #. Data results are analyzed only and behavioral causes
      and processes are not identified
  • APPSCORE's unique advantages

    • #. CrowdSourcing-based usability testing allows to collect
      a number of appropriate customer feedback at a
      reasonable cost
    • #. 1,000+ fit customers within 4 weeks can be tested for
      usability, and customer-based apps/web services can be improved.
    • #. QA automation detects key functional errors in a short time

APPSCORE: Data-Driven Usability Test

It is difficult to identify the cause and process of the data results only with existing usability testing and analysis.

APPSCORE can complement customer feedback from CrowdSourcing-based usability tests and objective behavioral analysis
data from the solution to further analyze the causal relationship of customer behavior or response.

APPSCORE provides optimal service to meet

all the customer's usability testing/assessment/analysis requirements.

  • Within 4 weeks,
    quick/accurate usability
    testing completed for
    1,000 eligible customers

    Over 60% less time and
    30% less cost than other
    usability testing methods
  • Perform Data-Driven
    Integrated Usability Test

    Conduct behavioral
    analysis solution-based
    usability testing
  • Improved integrated UX/UI
    based on customer

    Improve IT service quality
    and achieve customer
  • Establishing an IT
    governance framework

    Can improve IT service
    systematic management
    and brand image through
    customer perspective
    IT governance enhancement