Welcome to STCLab.

We will learn, challenge, and enjoy together.
I'm CEO of STCLab Park Hyung-joon.

Establishment of a new corporation through personnel division in the parent company 'AimToG' In June 2020, STCLab was established by the spin-off of AimToG's solution business and R&D division to create a more professional working environment that can focus on software development and customer service. The AimToG solutions division has been developing a mass access control solution called 'NetFUNNEL' and an end user monitoring solution called 'AppInsightor' for the past 10 years to ensure the service of about a stable manner. Based on these know-how and original technology advantages, we are at a new starting point to present a new order to the digital service environment in the untact era and, above all, to dream of a new leap forward through entering the global market.

Surfers who ride the waves are not afraid of rough waves, but rather enjoy the bigger waves. We, STCLab, want to become a company that challenges big waves like the changing times and enjoys them.

In order to enjoy the waves, you must learn and predict the changes in advance, and you must not hesitate to take on new challenges. We will always try to learn and be humble and develop our own skills. Rather than fear failure, challenge yourself and learn more in the process. Through these failures, challenges, learning, and development, we will spread the lively energy of joy not only to ourselves but also to the people around us.

Adding new joy to every digital business environment in our world is STCLab's mission to learn words, challenge and enjoy together. To achieve this, we will work freely and passionately based on the autonomy gained through mutual communication.

I promise to continue to strive, challenge, and grow. Please be with us with interest and love.

Thank you.